Ioniq 5 – Creating an electric vehicle from the ground up

Later this year Hyundai will be launching in Australia their latest Ioniq 5 all electric vehicle, the first Hyundai built on a new dedicated E-GMP battery electric vehicle platform.

Hyundai IONIQ5-02

Many current electric vehicles are based on a current platform designed to accommodate an internal combustion engine.


The low, squarish look has a hint of some of the hot hatches of the past. Apparently, this was Hyundai’s intent as their General Manager of Communication Bill Thomas says:

The designers use the cues from the original Poni concept Hyundai Pony from many decades ago. And that car was actually styled by an Italian design master called Jaro. And the cues for the design of the Ionic Five can be directly linked to Jarrah’s Pony concept. And I think that was in the 70s. So it’s interesting in that it’s kind of retro in its shape and some have compared it with the Landseer Delta integrally.

But then the really interesting thing about this car is that it’s big.

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