World EV Day 9 September: Experts And Case Studies

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World EV Day – Unlocking more electric vehicles (EVs) means improved air quality and better health outcomes, reduced fuel costs, and better choice on low and zero emissions vehicles in the national market.

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This World EV Day (Saturday, 9th September) is taking place as the Federal Government works out what fuel efficiency standards will look like for Australia, as part of the National Electric Vehicle Strategy, announced early this year.

Fuel efficiency standards are the key policy mechanism that will boost EV supply in Australia – and over time, ensure that all new cars sold are low and zero emissions.

Real Life Case studies

Oliver Wilcox, EV owner and NDIS service worker,  drives a BYD Atto 3, and cites cost of living and environmental benefits as main reasons for the switch. He saw immediate savings from no longer needing to get petrol, and has saved on servicing fees. He uses his car to transport people around as part of his NDIS service provider work.

Jeremy Watson, owner of carbon neutral Brimbank Vets, has reduced emissions by driving an EV, switching off his gas supply and using rooftop solar. He says the last three people hired said they were attracted to the practice’s carbon policies, at a time when there’s a national shortage of vets. For much of the year using surplus rooftop solar power, Jeremy can charge his car to travel up to 400km for as little as $5.

Ben Lever, clean transport campaigner at Solar Citizens, has just completed an electric ute tour from Ballarat to Brisbane in Australia in the hope of showing that demand is there for EVs, the huge fuel cost savings that can be made, whilst highlighting the capabilities of electric utes. Ben can share anecdotes from the trip, and talk about how strong fuel efficiency standards can improve choice of low and zero emissions vehicles available in Australia.

Anneliese Alexander and her family own a Tesla which they have used on a long distance road trip, and plan on taking another trip in the later half of 2023, where she’ll be going to Lightning Ridge via Coonabarabran. They are looking to upgrade their EV from the Tesla Model 3 to Model Y, and will continue using their EV to go on frequent family camping trips.

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Small Business – World EV Day

Anthony Broese van Groenou, co-founder, director and CSO of Good Car is a sustainability expert and PhD researcher and can speak to anything EV related, EV grid integration, the future of transportation and the current state of play in Australia, from policy to people.

Joseph Evans, runs Ballycroft Vineyard and Cellars, Joseph owns a 2019 Nissan Leaf ZE1, which he uses to power his house and winery at night, and lets his customers charge their own EVs on his winery’s solar grid. Joseph details his story in this video including his experience with vehicle to grid technology. He has his eyes on getting an electric ute and/or an electric tractor and can talk to barriers/opportunities in doing so.

David Stuart, – Owner of Colormaker Industries, which has three EVs, all powered off their 100 kW solar array. One EV is used for business deliveries, with the other two rotated amongst staff to help with their cost of living pressures and to help reduce their personal transport emissions during their daily commutes. Since installing solar and a battery on-site and incorporating these EVs, Colormaker’s annual electricity bill has dropped from over $24,000 to being in credit. Factoring in pre-EV petrol costs, the annual savings are over $30,000.

Russell Klose, electric vehicle importer of second hand cars, lives in Yackandandah and has seen many locals driving around in EVs as the whole town is on board with electrification. He says the best way for people to understand the benefits of an EV is to try driving one, so he loans out his own EVs for community members to try.


Dr Kate Charlesworth, Climate Councillor and public health physician, can talk about the health impacts of transport pollution, and how implementing fuel efficiency standards is a practical and immediate way to make our transport system cleaner. As a mother with a young family, she is particularly concerned about children, young people, and expecting mothers’ exposure to high levels of transport pollution.

World EV Day Experts

Bryce Gaton, EV Educator and founder of EV Choice, has worked in the field and been the owner of an EV for over a decade, he can talk about the general transport transition to EVs, what to expect when purchasing an EV, and the need for strong fuel efficiency standards to support the supply and uptake of more affordable EV models in Australia.

Michael Day, National Treasurer of the Australian Electric Vehicle Association, drives a Tesla Model 3, an electric motor scooter for shorter commutes, and a converted electric sports car for recreation. He uses a home battery and solar system to help charge his EV. He can talk about what to expect when purchasing an EV, and the need for strong fuel efficiency standards to make EVs more accessible to Australian drivers.

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