Nissan leaf to help power Canberra

Nissan Leaf - plugged in and powering up

Nissan’s all electric sedan, the Leaf, has bi-directional charging which is approved in European markets as a power pack to plug back into the network or applications such as powering your house.

The technology has yet to be approved in Australia but the ACT government has initiated a trial.

The trial will see 51 Nissan LEAF as part of the ACT Government fleet, provide Frequency Control Ancillary Services (FCAS) to the National Electricity Market.

This refers to the energy used to keep a power grid operating at its optimum levels at times of fluctuating demand. It’s this injection or reduction of power that prevents instability in the grid that can lead to blackouts.

This is similar to the South Australian Government using Tesla batteries but in the ACT it is just a trial to prove that the bi-directional concept works.

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