Genesis GV70 EV everything you need to know

Genesis GV70 EV

Genesis GV70 EV – Genesis announces the arrival of Electrified GV70. Electrified GV70 provides a spacious and refined, zero-emission range halo model, sitting above GV70 3.5T AWD SPORT with Luxury Pack, while setting a new standard for electric luxury SUVs.

Genesis GV70 EV

  • Electrified GV70 has arrived in Australia to crown the GV70 range & set a new standard for electric luxury SUVs
  • EV powertrain delivers 360kW (with Boost Mode) for 0-100km/h in 4.2sec
  • Battery range of 445km (WLTP) and capability for rapid charge from 10 to 80 percent in as little as 18 minutes
  • Choice of 5-year Chargefox subscription or home A/C charger and install, included in Electrified GV70 purchase price
  • Electrified GV70 completes the trio of Genesis EVs arriving locally this year, and is offered in a single highly equipped variant from $127,800 (MLP)

Genesis GV70 EV quick details

Electrified GV70 features a twin motor AWD system that delivers a peak output of 360kW (with Boost Mode) and an instantaneous 700Nm of torque, giving it the capability for awe-inspiring 4.2-second 0-100km/h acceleration.

A 77.4kWh power battery offers 445km (WLTP) of long-distance touring range and can charge from 10 to 80 percent in as little as 18 minutes when plugged into a 350kW DC fast charger.

Electrified GV70 builds on its conventionally powered counterpart’s progressive style and spacious interior to bring new appeal, with its outstanding all-electric performance and an array of EV-exclusive technologies.

Electrified GV70 is offered in one highly equipped ‘Luxury Package’ trim grade, in alignment with Genesis’ brand promise to provide vehicles that want for nothing.

Genesis Motor’s vision for electrification has now given rise to three new EVs this year, with GV60, Electrified G80 and Electrified GV70 all now available in Australia.

Connal Yan, Head of Genesis Motors Australia, said that alternative powertrains are at the core of the Genesis product development strategy, with the goal of offering eco-friendly mobility solutions in every segment of the portfolio.

“We are thrilled to launch Electrified GV70 in Australia and bring our tally to three new all-electric models this year,” Mr. Yan said.

“The arrival of Electrified GV70, along with GV60 and Electrified G80, highlights Genesis Motor’s momentum in developing electrified vehicles, and illustrates our continuing commitment to creating a sustainable motoring future,” he said.

Genesis GV70 EV

GV70 Model Range

Electrified GV70 will be offered in one highly equipped ’Luxury Package’ specification level, fittingly positioned as the flagship model in the GV70 range.


Electrified GV70 features a ‘Performance AWD’ powertrain with outputs and capacities similar to GV60 Performance AWD, including a peak output of 360kW in ‘Boost Mode’ for short periods of time.

Included in the purchase price of every Electrified GV70 is the choice of 5-year Chargefox subscription or home A/C charger and installation.

Matte paint is the only option offered for Electrified GV70 in keeping with the Genesis all-inclusive promise.

The Genesis Difference

Genesis owners enjoy effortless ownership with our comprehensive suite of services and benefits.

Included in the purchase price of every Electrified GV70 are the following complimentary services:

  • 5-year / unlimited kilometre warranty
  • 8-year / 160,000 kilometre warranty on high voltage battery
  • 5-year complimentary servicing
  • 5-year Genesis To You & valet service
  • 10-year 24/7 roadside assistance
  • 10-year complimentary map updates
  • Choice of 5-year Chargefox subscription or home A/C charger & installation

 Genesis GV70 EV details

Genesis GV70 EV charging

EV Powertrain

Electrified GV70’s progressive, zero-emission EV powertrain technology is designed to scintillate customers, with its potent performance, ample range and rapid-charging capability.

With twin 180kW, 350Nm electric motors – one driving the front wheels and one driving the rear wheels – the all-wheel drive Electrified GV70 delivers total maximum outputs of 360kW (with Boost Mode) and 700Nm, accelerating from rest to 100km/h in 4.2 seconds.

In addition, Electrified GV70 features the Genesis SUV-specific e-Terrain Mode, which enables a stable driving experience across the spectrum of driving conditions.

Electrified GV70’s range per charge of the 77.4kWh power battery is 445km (WLTP) and, when plugged into a 350kW rapid charger, a charge from 10 to 80 percent takes as little as 18 minutes.

The application of a 400V/800V multi-rapid charging system lets customers utilise a variety of 400V and 800V charging infrastructures without the need for an additional converter.

A Disconnector Actuator System (DAS) in Electrified GV70 can automatically connect or disconnect the front motor and drive shaft in consideration of various conditions, such as driving mode and vehicle speed. The system enables seamless switching between RWD and AWD, reducing unnecessary power loss for optimum efficiency.

Electrified GV70’s Smart Regenerative Braking 2.0 system also optimises coasting efficiency by automatically adjusting the amount of regenerative braking in three stages, based on the speed of the vehicle ahead, the following distance, and navigation map road sign data such as the position of safety cameras.

An i-PEDAL (Intelligent Pedal) driving mode takes the level of regenerative braking a step further to let the driver accelerate, decelerate and stop using only the accelerator pedal.


Built on a platform developed with a view to electrification in the future, the athletic yet plush-riding conventionally powered GV70 provided the ideal basis for an equally capable and comfortable EV.

Electrified GV70 features a strut front and multilink rear layout with Road-Preview adaptive Electronic Control Suspension, a variable gear ratio steering rack, and unique 20-inch wheels and tyres.

“The R&D focus was on ensuring Electrified GV70 exhibited the same qualities as the ICE GV70, including a high level of dynamic competence, excellent comfort and an overall premium feel,” Genesis Product Development Manager Tim Rodgers said.

“Even though it’s a heavier car, Electrified GV70 aims to retain the great qualities of the ICE GV70.

“We have worked closely with the Korean R&D team for long enough to know that they are well aware of our local conditions; they have the approach to developing a chassis tune that excels on Australian roads down to a fine art.

“This understanding of Australian roads was confirmed when we completed our local validation programme and component selection,” Rodgers said.

“Electrified GV70 is able to subtly improve on ICE GV70 by taking advantage of the lower centre of gravity and centralised mass that come from packaging a battery beneath the floor in between the axle lines.

“It’s not just dynamic and refined, it’s ballistic,” he said.

“Electrified GV70 is so rapid in Boost mode – it truly is the pinnacle of the GV70 range, which is remarkable when you realise we have a twin-turbo V6 sitting below.”

Genesis GV70 EV

Additional Technology

Road-Preview Electronic Control Suspension (RP-ECS)

Electrified GV70’s Road Preview suspension utilises the front windscreen-mounted camera to recognise road surface changes, such as speed bumps and potholes ahead, and then optimally controls the Electronic Control Suspension.

By pre-emptively adjusting the damping force at each wheel, the system helps minimise impact harshness to provide a smooth and comfortable ride.

Electrically Assisted Dynamic Torque Vectoring Control (eDTVC)

Torque vectoring technology in Electrified GV70 underpins stable cornering performance and excellent handling through partial braking and driving torque compensation during cornering.

The eDTVC system distributes torque to the outside wheel when cornering, while assisting yaw-moment through inside-wheel braking control.

By providing a compensating motor torque, the system prevents unintended deceleration that may otherwise result from the active brake control.

Active Noise Control – Road (ANC-R)

Active Noise Control-Road (ANC-R) technology features in Electrified GV70 to provide a refined driving experience.

The technology significantly reduces the noise and fatigue experienced by occupants, by measuring and analysing road noises using sensors and microphones, and then simultaneously creating sounds at opposite phase to cancel them.

E-Active Sound Design (E-ASD)

An electrified-unique adaptation of Genesis’ Active Sound Design brings the feedback and enjoyment of virtual driving and engine sounds in the otherwise quiet and refined Electrified GV70.

The interior virtual sound feature complements Electrified GV70’s driving performance by providing a choice of three sounds for the driver to select from according to his or her preference.

There are ‘Futuristic’, ‘SEngine’ and ‘E-Motor’ sounds from which to choose.

Depending on the situation, users can choose whether the ASD system is on or off, as well as fine-tuning its volume and reactivity.

The system is linked to Electrified GV70’s drive mode to provide an E-ASD volume level suitable for the selected mode.

Battery conditioning

A battery conditioning function can maintain Electrified GV70’s EV battery at the optimal temperature.

The function can preheat the battery to secure better performance when the ambient temperature is low, as well as reducing charging time by ensuring optimal battery temperature.

The system functions in concert with the infotainment system. For example, it can optimise battery conditions at the same time as searching for a fast-charging station using navigation.

Heat pump system

A heat pump system underpins high EV system efficiency during cold conditions by capturing waste heat and using it for cabin heating.

Exterior & Interior Vehicle To Load (V2L)

Electrified GV70’s Exterior & Interior Vehicle To Load (V2L) Powerbank function gives users a household-grade source of electric power (3.6kW output) for use wherever they go.

Interior V2L can be used to plug-in a laptop, for example, and Exterior V2L can be used to power/charge electric appliances/devices such as electric bicycles, scooters or camping equipment.

The system can also provide Vehicle To Vehicle (V2V) charging functionality via the portable emergency charging cable (ICCB), to charge another electric vehicle.


Electrified GV70 provides exceptional occupant protection with a strong yet light, highly rigid monocoque, an array of advanced active safety and driver assistance technology, and eight airbags.

Among these is the pioneering Genesis centre side airbag, which prevents or lessens injuries caused by collisions between front occupants, or collisions of occupants with interior components, in the event of a side collision.

Active bonnet technology also features, for the protection of vulnerable road users.

Genesis GV70 EV

Active Safety controls

Blind-Spot Collision Avoidance-Assist – Rear/Side (BCA-R/S)

Blind-Spot Collision Avoidance-Assist uses the windscreen-mounted camera to monitor Electrified GV70’s positioning within the lane, as well as radar sensors on either side of the rear bumper to detect vehicles next to and diagonally behind.

If a vehicle is present in Electrified GV70’s blind spot, BCA displays an alert in the exterior mirrors and the Head-Up Display. If the driver activates the corresponding turn signals, a flashing warning is provided and an alert is sounded.

The system also scans for vehicles approaching rapidly from the rear, and uses the same warning measures to alert the driver of vehicles approaching at a high speed, which may soon enter Electrified GV70’s blind spot.

In each instance, if the driver does not initiate preventative action, BCA can apply braking to prevent or reduce the severity of a potential collision.

A recently added BCA function monitors for approaching vehicles when leaving a parallel parking space to alert the and/or apply preventative braking.

Blind-Spot View Monitor (BVM)

Electrified GV70’s Blind-Spot View Monitor displays video of the blind-spot area to give the driver a clear view of the surroundings and allow for safe lane changes.

When operating the left or right turn signals, the system displays video of the blind-spot view for the corresponding side.

FCA (Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist) featuring:

  • Junction Turning & Crossing
  • Lane-Change Oncoming & Side
  • Evasive Steering Assist

Electrified GV70’s Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist system, when active, utilises the front radar sensor and windscreen-mounted camera to detect and monitor vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists ahead.

If a potential collision is detected, the system’s Forward Collision Warning function will sound a warning chime and display a warning in the instrument cluster or Head-Up Display.

Where driver intervention is not detected after a FCW system warning, the FCA system can automatically apply the vehicle’s brakes and support with Evasive Steering Assist to avoid or reduce the severity of a potential collision.

In addition, the FCA-Junction Turning/Junction Crossing function detects oncoming vehicles in an adjacent lane when preparing to make a right turn at a junction, as well as vehicles in a perpendicular lane when preparing to cross an intersection and, in the event a collision appears likely, can apply the brakes to stop Electrified GV70 or reduce impact speed.

The FCA-Lane Change Oncoming/Lane Change Side function can assist through corrective steering input in the event a collision appears likely with oncoming vehicles in an adjacent lane or, in lane-change and lane-departure situations, vehicles approaching in the same direction in an adjacent lane.

High Beam Assist (HBA)

The High Beam Assist system scans the road ahead using the windscreen-mounted camera, monitoring for streetlights as well as any other light sources, including the headlights of oncoming vehicles and taillights of vehicles ahead.

Upon detection the system automatically adjusts headlight range, switching between high and low beam.

Intelligent Front-lighting System (IFS)

The Intelligent Front-lighting System allows the continuous use of Electrified GV70’s high beam headlights without risk of dazzling the occupants of vehicles ahead.

By using headlights comprising multiple LEDs with individual electronic control, sections of the headlight can be selectively dimmed (or turned up) as required.

Intelligent Speed Limit Assist (ISLA)

Intelligent Speed Limit Assist helps the driver to stay within the speed limit of the current road during driving.

The system monitors road signs using the front camera as well as navigation data and will provide a warning if the vehicle exceeds the speed limit.

During MSLA or SCC operation the driver can change the set cruise control speed to be within the speed limit using the plus and minus switch on the steering wheel.

Manual Speed Limit Assist (MSLA)

Electrified GV70’s Manual Speed Limit Assist (MSLA) function assists the driver in pre-setting a speed limit for the vehicle, which is helpful in situations with reduced speed limits, such as school zones and roadworks.

Lane Keeping Assist – Line/Road-Edge (LKA-L/R)

Lane Keeping Assist (LKA-L/R) uses the windscreen-mounted camera to detect lane markings and/or the edge of the road and monitor the vehicle’s position in the lane.

Should the system detect the vehicle straying from the intended lane without the turn signals being activated, a visual alert will be issued in the instrument cluster and Head-Up Display (HUD), along with a haptic (steering vibration) alert.

LKA-L/R is momentarily deactivated whenever the turn signals or hazard lights are active.

Lane Following Assist (LFA)

Lane Following Assist uses the front-mounted camera to monitor lane markings and vehicles ahead to establish the centre line of the lane, to provide steering assistance and help keep Electrified GV70 centred in the lane.

Reverse Parking Collision-Avoidance Assist (PCA-R)

The reverse Parking Collision-Avoidance Assist function warns the driver if it detects a potential collision risk behind Electrified GV70.

After the warning, if the risk of collision increases, the system can automatically assist with emergency braking.

Multi-Collision Brake (MCB)

The Multi-Collision Brake system operates to prevent or lessen the severity of a secondary collision.

The system is activated after the airbags have deployed and, where brake or accelerator pedal input is not detected, applies the brakes to bring Electrified GV70 safely to a stop.

Rear Cross-Traffic Collision-Avoidance Assist (RCCA)

The Rear Cross-Traffic Collision Avoidance-Assist system monitors for traffic approaching on either side of the vehicle when reversing out of perpendicular parking spaces, using the rear-view camera and rear ultrasonic sensors.

Should RCCA detect a vehicle approaching, a warning will be displayed in the instrument cluster and an alert will sound. If the risk of collision increases even after the warning, braking can be initiated automatically.

Rear Occupant Warning (ROW)

The Rear Occupant Warning system prevents children or pets from inadvertently being left in Electrified GV70 by alerting the driver to check for them before exiting the vehicle.

If the system has registered that a rear door was opened, it will alert the driver to check the rear seats when they turn off Electrified GV70 via a pop-up on the cluster.

Safe Exit Assist (SEA)

Safe Exit Assist helps prevent occupants from exiting Electrified GV70 when the surroundings make it unsafe to do so, such as when a vehicle is approaching from the rear.

SEA works in conjunction with the electronic child lock interlock to keep the doors locked, while warning that approaching vehicles may make it unsafe to exit the vehicle.

Smart Cruise Control with Stop & Go and Machine Learning functions (SCC)

Smart Cruise Control with Machine Learning applies logic that learns the driver’s driving tendencies and is then able to control the vehicle similarly to the driver’s driving tendency when SCC is active.

When SCC is inactive (Off/Standby) the function learns the driver’s driving style (inter-vehicle distance, acceleration, and reaction speed).

When SCC is activated, the function stops learning and drives automatically in a style that reflects that of the driver.

In addition, the Stop & Go function works in stop/start traffic, bringing Electrified GV70 to a complete stop when appropriate, and automatically accelerating it back to the set speed.

Surround View Monitor (SVM)

The Surround View Monitor displays a high quality, accurate view of Electrified GV70’s surroundings while driving and parking, and offers 3D viewing capabilities for maximum convenience and intuitiveness.

Smart Parking Assist (SPA)

When manoeuvring into and out of tight parking spaces, the Smart Parking Assist system in Electrified GV70 provides automated steering, accelerator and drive selection to reduce driver effort.

Remote Smart Parking Assist (RSPA)

The Remote Smart Parking Assist system lets users park Electrified GV70 remotely from outside the vehicle, enhancing convenience, and allowing occupants to exit the vehicle easily, before it is parked in a tight space.

RSPA recognises the parking lines as well as surrounding objects to let the driver remotely park Electrified GV70 safety and easily.

The system uses a wide-angle camera and an ultrasonic sensor to search for a parking space and automatically assists with steering, acceleration and deceleration, and drive selection.

Using parking line recognition, RSPA is capable of manoeuvring Electrified GV70 into perpendicular and parallel parking spaces.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) alerts the driver if a tyre pressure is out of the normal range, as well as providing individual tyre pressure readouts.

Driver Attention Warning (DAW)

The Driver Attention Warning system uses the windscreen-mounted camera to continually monitor Electrified GV70’s position within the lane, whilst also tracking steering inputs, brake pedal inputs, and elapsed driving time.

Should the system detect inattentive driving (such as sudden steering/braking inputs and/or the inability to keep within a lane), the ‘Attention Level’ display in the instrument cluster will be progressively engaged.

Should the level decrease below a pre-set threshold, the DAW system will recommend that the driver takes a break.

The system features Leading Vehicle Departure Alert, which monitors the vehicle ahead when Electrified GV70 is stopped in traffic. If the vehicle drives off, and the Electrified GV70 driver fails to accelerate away, the system will sound a chime to alert the potentially inattentive driver.

In addition, if the Forward Attention Warning (FAW) function registers that the driver is not looking ahead, it will display a warning in the cluster and sound an alert.

Genesis GV70 EV profile

Exterior features

Electrified GV70 builds on the Audacious, Progressive, Distinctly Korean style of the conventional GV70, with electrified-exclusive elements that provide a unique look – while supporting smooth aerodynamics and the cooling requirements of an EV.

A stylish front fascia treatment incorporates an electrified-unique inverted G-Matrix Genesis-signature Crest Grille featuring a hidden EV charging port, creating a minimalist yet sophisticated look.

This is echoed by the minimalist horizontal shape of the rear bumper, with a simplified, tailpipe-free skid plate designed to highlight the model’s emissions-free credentials, and a progressive Genesis-signature Two-Line Quad Lamp taillight design completing an appealing visual presence.

A total of 13 exterior colours is offered to let every customer create their own unique Electrified GV70. There are nine standard gloss finish colours and four optional matte finish colours.

Newly introduced Atacama Copper paint is available in both gloss and matte finishes, named for the Atacama Desert plateau in Chile, which is famous for being the driest non-polar desert in the world, with a Mars-like otherworldly appearance.

Genesis GV70 EV interior

Interior features

Electrified GV70 draws inspiration from a Korean aesthetic philosophy that emphasises the ‘Beauty of White Space’ to create a driver-oriented, intuitive and minimalist cabin.

Smart packaging features throughout Electrified GV70, such as a second-row that offers space comparable to conventional GV70 (even with the underfloor batteries) through a lowering of the centre tunnel and other improvements.

A mood-lit Shift By Wire rotary drive selector is intuitive to use and frees cabin space compared with a conventional lever.

Electrified GV70’s interior reflects the sustainable ambitions of the model, and the broader Genesis commitment to developing sustainable mobility solutions.

This includes the use of a range of eco-friendly materials each featuring a high-quality finish that highlights the Genesis vision of sustainable luxury.

Electrified GV70 is available with an Obsidian Black interior, or a choice of two-tone Pine Grove Green & Ocean Blue, or Glacier White & Ocean Blue (featuring copper piping).

Each interior colour combination features Nappa leather appointed upholstery with luxury quilting and ‘Mountain type’ 3D backlit door trim.

Genesis GV70 EV central screen

Multimedia features 

14.5-inch Augmented Reality (AR) View Navigation

Electrified GV70’s 14.5-inch high-resolution wide display LCD touchscreen multimedia unit incorporates an EV-specific Graphic User Interface (GUI) and functionalities, and a futuristic Augmented Reality (AR View) navigation function.

Augmented Reality technology maximises safety and convenience by displaying three-dimensional road guidance information as well as warnings associated with navigation and Genesis Active Safety Control functions.

The system uses a combination of forward image information from the Surround View camera, with forward object recognition from the windscreen camera and the front radar, along with navigation map data, to generate the AR navigation display.

12.3-inch 3D cluster

A 12.3-inch high-resolution full-digital cluster recognises the driver’s eyes through a cluster-mounted camera to present the display in 3D view, and features themes linked to each drive mode.

Genesis Integrated Controller with handwriting recognition

Electrified GV70’s console-mounted Genesis Integrated Controller gives front occupants an intuitive and luxurious way to access the various vehicle functions.

The centre of the GAC functions as a handwriting recognition touchpad as an easy-to-use alternative to keypad selection.

Lexicon® by HARMAN Premium Audio

A 14-speaker, 1050W Lexicon by HARMAN Premium Audio system featuring Quantum Logic surround technology provides superb sound quality in Electrified GV70 and features Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and AM/FM/DAB+ digital radio with Radio Data System (RDS).


Fingerprint authentication

Fingerprint authentication technology puts luxury and convenience at users’ fingertips by letting them link to their very own User Profile.

After initial setup, the driver need only touch the fingerprint sensor after starting to apply their personalised settings.

These include the seat, steering wheel and exterior mirror positions, linked smartphone, navigation favourite and recent addresses, audio source and preferred radio stations and much more.

18-Way Power Adjustable Front Seats

Front occupants in Electrified GV70 can get comfortable in 18-way powered adjustable seats that feature a driver position memory and an easy access function.

The passenger seat features a walk-in switch and multimedia control, and both front occupants are treated to the luxury of a relaxing Ergo Motion massage function.

Three-zone climate control

A three-zone climate control system in Electrified GV70 features hybrid touch control and a rear temperature control panel, and maintains cabin air purity through the application of a micro air filter with activated carbon layer.

Wireless charging

Wireless charging allows occupants in Electrified GV70 to charge a compatible Qi-enabled smartphone without the use of a cable. A visual and audible alert is issued if a smartphone is inadvertently left in the vehicle while exiting.

Bluetooth multi-connection

A Bluetooth multi-connection function lets users connect two smart devices to the multimedia system at the same time, allowing dual audio and single phone connection for maximum convenience.

Acoustic laminated windscreen & door glass

Sound-insulating acoustic laminated glass is applied to Electrified GV70’s windscreen and front and rear window glass which contributes to making the cabin exceptionally quiet.

Rear door manual sun-shades

Rear door manual sun-shades feature in Electrified GV70 to give rear passengers shade and privacy as they desire.

Genesis GV70 EV Pricing


Powertrain Battery Transmission Electrified GV70
Twin Motor EV AWD 77.4kWh Single-speed reduction gear $127,800


Option Pricing Electrified GV70
Matte paint $2,000

Note: All prices are Manufacturer’s List Price (MLP) and include Luxury Car Tax (LCT) where applicable. Price excludes delivery and on road costs.

Genesis GV70 EV rear

Model specifications

Electrified GV70


  • Panorama sunroof
  • MacPherson Strut Front / Multilink Rear Suspension
  • Full LED headlights
  • Road-Preview adaptive Electronic Control Suspension
  • Puddle lights with Genesis logo
  • Electric Parking Brake (EPB) with Auto Hold
  • Roof rails
  • Drive Mode Select (DMS)
  • Rain-sensing wipers
  • Boost Mode
  • Acoustic laminated windshield, front & rear window glass
  • Silver monobloc front brake calipers w/ GENESIS logo
  • Rear & rear-side privacy glass
  • Silver rear caliper covers with GENESIS logo


  • Ventilated front & rear brakes
  • Nappa leather-appointed seats
  • Shift By Wire (SBW) gear shift dial with mood lighting
  • Fade-out seat quilting
  • Regenerative braking control paddle shift (i-PEDAL)
  • Leather appointed dashboard, door trim & console
  • Variable Gear Ratio (VGR) steering rack
package with real stitching
  • Portable emergency charging cable (ICCB) with bag
  • Leather appointed driver’s airbag
  • Battery conditioning system
  • Suede headlining/pillars
  • Tyre Mobility Kit (TMK)
  • Backlit door trim featuring Electrified-unique graphics
  • Trailer wiring package
  • Adjustable ambient lighting



  • 8 Airbags – Including front centre side airbag
  • Three-zone climate control with rear control panel
  • Active bonnet
  • Separate mode control for front airflow
  • Blind-Spot Collision Avoidance-Assist (BCA) – Rear/Side
  • Heat pump system
  • Blind-Spot View Monitor (BVM)


  • Driver Attention Warning (DAW), including;
  • Exterior & interior V2L charging function
  • Leading Vehicle Departure Alert
  • 18-way adjustable front seats including easy access
  • Forward Attention Warning (FAW)
  • Driver position memory system
  • Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (FCA), including;
  • Ergo Motion massage function for both front seats
  • Car/Pedestrian/Cyclist detection
  • Passenger seat walk-in switch & multimedia control
  • Junction Turning/Junction Crossing function
  • Fingerprint authentication system
  • Lane-Change Oncoming/Side function
  • 12.3 inch digital instrument cluster with 3D function
  • Evasive Steering Assist function
  • Head Up Display (HUD)
  • High Beam Assist (HBA)
  • Smart Parking Assist (SPA)
  • Intelligent Front-Lighting System (IFS)
  • Remote Smart Parking Assist (RSPA) – via Smart Key
  • Intelligent Speed Limit Assist (ISLA)
  • Heated and ventilated front seats
  • Manual Speed Limit Assist (MSLA)
  • Heated second-row seats (outer back & base, centre base)
  • Lane Keeping Assist – Line/Road-Edge (LKA-L/R)
  • Heated steering wheel
  • Lane Following Assist (LFA)
  • Power tilt / telescopic steering wheel
  • Parking Distance Warning (PDW) (Front & Rear)
  • 60:40 split/fold rear seat with recline function
  • Parking Collision-Avoidance Assist – Reverse (PCA-R)
  • Remote start – via Smart Key
  • Multi Collision Brake (MCB)
  • Power tailgate with hands-free opening function
  • Rear Cross-Traffic Collision Avoidance-Assist (RCCA)
  • Rear door manual sun-shades
  • Rear Occupant Warning (ROW) – logic type


  • Safe Exit Assist (SEA)
  • 14.5 inch HD touch screen display
  • Smart Cruise Control (SCC), including;
  • Navigation w/ Augmented Reality (AR) & live traffic
  • Stop & Go function & Machine Learning
  • Integrated Controller with handwriting recognition
  • Surround View Monitor (SVM) w/ 3D surround view
  • Apple CarPlay / Google Android Auto compatibility
  • Trailer Stability Assist (TSA)
  • Bluetooth multi connection
  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)
  • 14-speaker, 1050W Lexicon® by HARMAN audio


  • Active Noise Control – Road (ANC-R)
  • 20” alloy wheels (Electrified-unique)
  • e-Active Sound Design (e-ASD)
  • Electrified-unique grille and front & rear bumpers
  • Wireless mobile phone charging system

Genesis GV70 EV

Key differences to 2023 GV70 (ICE) Luxury Package models

  • Electrified drivetrain including twin electric motors,
  • Electrified-unique graphic for backlit door trim
Boost Mode and ultra-fast charging
  • Sport 3-spoke steering wheel with Boost button
  • Portable emergency charging cable (ICCB) with bag
  • No Limited Slip Differential (compared to 3.5T)
  • Driver-only climate control and Heat Pump system
  • N/A
  • Exterior & interior V2L charging function
  • Less 39L boot volume
  • Electrified-unique 20” alloy wheels
  • Electrified-unique grille + front and rear bumpers
  • Active Noise Control – Road (ANC-R)
  • Acoustic laminated rear door glass
  • Less 2x speakers

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