Aptera Never Charge Electric Vehicle

Aptera Solar Electric Vehicle – This breakthrough electric vehicle never needs to be plugged in

aptera 1

In the 1950s the three-wheeled Messerschmitt was tiny and light and thus the ultimate economy vehicle.

Now a company is planning a three wheeled car with zero fuel costs.


It looks futuristic with an aerodynamic shape and is built out of strong, lightweight materials including carbon, Kevlar, and hemp.

But its biggest feature is the solar panels on the body that, they say, provides enough power to run it.

Aptera says their “Never Charge Vehicle” can gain 8 kms of travel for every hour in the bright sun or about 65 kms per day.

The limitations are obvious, such as the reduction on cloudy days, but Aptera believes an average commute is 25 kms, so it would be an ideal commuter car.

The “Never Charge Vehicle” will be priced in the US from $35,000 to $62,000 in equivalent Australia dollars.

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