Schneider Electric’s EVlink home charger

Schneider electric residential charger

EVlink – Schneider Electric launches new EV charger to power up electric vehicles from the home.

Schneider EVlink electric residential charger

  • EVlink Home charger design includes new features for a more seamless and cost-effective install
  • New anti-tripping device ensures optimum level of car charge without risk of outage for homeowners

Schneider Electric, a global leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, has announced the launch of the EVlink Home charger. The charger incorporates new features aimed at making at-home charging easier to install and more cost-effective to use.

The new design, which is available for homeowners to purchase now, includes anti-tripping functionality through its optional peak controller. The feature means homeowners can run multiple devices on the home power system, such as dishwashers, aircon, and pool pumps, while charging the car at the same time, all without fear of a power supply failure.

The launch of the charger, which is the latest addition to Schneider Electric’s EVlink range, comes as the electric vehicle market has seen a 65% increase in 2022 sales compared to 2021. As more Australian homeowners switch to electric vehicles in an effort to reduce their carbon emissions, demand will continue to grow for state-of-the-art, affordable devices that can be used from home.

“Electric vehicles can have a profound impact on users’ carbon emissions, so it’s tremendously encouraging to see how many Australians are opting for electric. We’re confident this market will continue to grow, but as more Australians go electric it’s important that they have access to cost-effective and sustainable charging solutions. As such, electricians are becoming the trusted professionals guiding them and making sure they have the most efficient and safe installation,” commented Chris Kerr, Vice President Home & Distribution at Clipsal by Schneider Electric.

Market growth and increased demand also presents a significant opportunity for electricians to expand their services and build their businesses. The EVlink Home charger is another addition to the portfolio of services electricians can offer their customers.

“The EVlink Home has been built with an easy-install process, safety systems, and cost-effective charging solution, which means that electricians will be able to support even more homeowners, giving Aussies greater access to sustainable solutions,” said Kerr.

Importantly, the charger also features integrated RDC-DD protection, meaning it requires only a Type A circuit protection in the distribution board, a safer and more affordable alternative to Type B protection.

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