Hyundai Kona Electric – smaller battery, lower prices

Hyundai Kona EV – The first question usually asked about an all-electric vehicle is how long is the range. A better question would be “How are you going to use the vehicle”.

Hyundai Kona Electric

Every car has some compromises. A small car while typically cheaper to own has less room for passengers and luggage. A large car can perform better but is harder to park and is usually more expensive.

By reducing the size of the battery Hyundai has now released a cheaper model of the electric version of its Kona small SUV. The compromise is that its range is 305 kilometres still better than many other models.  But the average car in Australia covers only 270 km a week so the Kona could suit many situations on one weekly charge.


It’s still not a low-priced vehicle with the base model Elite at $54,500 plus on roads. The extended range model will cost an extra $6,000.

The Standard Range 39.2kWh battery versions will continue to deliver Kona Electric’s renowned instant acceleration through a 100kW permanent-magnet synchronous motor, delivering 395Nm of torque.

Hyundai compiled information on some of its competitors saying that the “Kona Electric Standard Range powertrain has the highest torque output, with longest real-world driving range and battery efficiency, versus its direct competitors”.

Model Kona Electric

Standard Range

MG ZS EV Nissan Leaf


Mazda MX-30 Electric
Segment SUV Small SUV Small Passenger Small SUV Small
MLP $54,500 / $58,000 $41,990 $49,990 $65,490
Battery 39.2 kWh 44.5 kWh 40 kWh 35.5 kWh
Power 100 kW 105 kW 110 kW 107 kW
Torque 395 Nm 353 Nm 320 Nm 271 Nm
WLTP Range 305 km 263 km 270 km 200 km

Hyundai iCare offers a comprehensive suite of owner benefits including; Lifetime Service Plan, 5 Year Unlimited Km Warranty, complimentary Roadside Assist for 12 months on new vehicles, 1,500km complimentary first service, a dedicated Customer Care Centre, and myHyundai – an exclusive owner website. When servicing with Hyundai, customers will also receive a Roadside Support Plan for up to 10 years, a 10 Year Sat Nav Update Plan, and more.

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