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LS-218 take a break san francisco

Lightning LS-218 – Enevate and Lightning Release the First Fast Charge Production Motorcycle with Enevate Technology which Charges Nearly as Fast as Filling a Gas Tank

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  • Release to market a new class of motorcycles reducing consumers’ range-anxiety, offering more range and less wait-time at the charger
  • LS218 motorcycle traveled 710 miles in one day, unmatched by current production electric motorcycles in the industry

Enevate, a pioneering battery innovation company enabling extreme fast charge and high energy density battery technologies for electric vehicles (EVs) and other markets, announced that Lightning Motorcycles has entered production with the LS218 motorcycle using large 47Ah extreme-fast-charge Si-dominant lithium-ion cells that are utilizing technology licensed from Enevate.

LS-218 first sales

Lightning sold the first fast-charge production motorcycle in January with the following specifications for the LS218:

  • 10 minutes fast charge from 20% to 80% SOC
  • 200+ Fwy mile range with 28.3kWh usable battery pack
  • 248 rwhp and 226 ft/lbs torque

Before the release of the first production motorcycle, Lightning performed extensive road-testing. In November 2023, Lightning rode the development motorcycle 710 miles round trip in one day. From Hollister, California, to Irvine, enabled by Enevate’s fast charge Si technology. Competing E-motorcycles in the market with conventional Li-ion batteries require ~2 days to make the same trip with the packs requiring as long as 4-6 hours to charge.

Lightning’s release to production of the first motorcycle with Enevate’s technology marks an important milestone in the E-motorcycle industry. Fast charge electric motorcycles have increased utility and spend more time on the road instead of waiting at the charging cord. Electric motorcycle riders can now keep up on long distance trips with their friends who ride conventional motorcycles.

Enevate’s breakthrough extreme-fast-charging silicon-dominant battery technology delivers up to 10 times faster charging than conventional lithium-ion batteries. While enabling high energy densities along with a variety of other benefits, including improved safety, low cost, low-temperature operation for cold climates and reduced carbon footprint. Enevate’s technology is compatible with state-of-the-art battery manufacturing equipment, so does not require pre-lithiation or new capital-intensive production processes. With its extreme fast charge capability, Enevate’s technology allows batteries to charge in as fast as five minutes while delivering industry leading energy density and performance.

LS-218 take a break san francisco

Lightning LS-218 range

“With Enevate technology, Lightning has been able to offer the first fast charge production motorcycle in the world which offers a range of 200+ miles at freeway speeds with a 28kWh pack. This range is much higher than what Lightning has been able to offer previously using conventional Li-ion batteries. This has been an outstanding partnership with Enevate; together we push the boundaries in e-motorcycle innovation,” said Lightning Motorcycles CEO and Founder, Richard Hatfield. “For myself, and everyone at Lightning, our transformational products not only provide us with the opportunity to be part of the mobility revolution, they also allow us to contribute to progress in the relentless effort to save our planet.”

“Our partnership with Lightning continues to grow and mature. Together we have developed the world’s first application of silicon anode fast charge technology. Enevate is proud to be part of the Lightning electric performance motorcycle programs,” said Enevate CEO Bob Kruse. “History will record this industry first as others adopt this technology. For the consumer, this means that riders of electric motorcycles with Enevate technology can now ride all day alongside conventional motorcycles without waiting hours on a charge cord.”


Enevate develops and licenses advanced battery technology for electric vehicles (EVs), with a vision of EVs charging as fast as refueling gas cars, accessible and affordable to everyone, and accelerating EVs’ mass adoption.

Boasting a portfolio of 649 patents issued and in process, Enevate’s pioneering advancements (including leveraging accelerated battery testing and machine learning) in silicon-dominant anodes and cells have resulted in battery technology that features five-minute extreme fast charging with high energy density, low-temperature operation for cold climates, low cost and safety advantages over conventional batteries.

Enevate’s vision is to develop and propagate EV battery technology that contributes to a clean and sustainable environment. The Irvine, California-based company’s investors include:

  • Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi (Alliance Ventures),
  • LG Chem,
  • Samsung Venture Investment Corp,
  • Fidelity Management & Research Company,
  • Mission Ventures,
  • Draper Fisher Jurvetson,
  • Tsing Capital,
  • Infinite Potential Technologies,
  • Presidio Ventures – a Sumitomo Corporation company,
  • Lenovo, CEC Capital, and
  • Bangchak.

Enevate®, the Enevate logo, HD-Energy®, XFC-Energy® and eBoost® are registered trademarks of Enevate Corporation.

Lightning LS-218 – About Lightning Motorcycles (

They produce high-performance premium electric motorcycles such as the Lightning LS-218. Lightning products have been proven in competition against the best gas motorcycles in the world.

They have incorporated this innovation and experience to deliver a combination of performance, price and rider experience that positions Lightning to drive mainstream adoption of electric motorcycles.

Lightning is currently producing two platforms in the company’s facility in Hollister, California, and is preparing to expand production and extend its product line into several additional platforms to address the global market. For more information, please visit

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